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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Archive Post #1 - from Gingerology - originally posted December 30, 2010

Ginger Rogers Blogspot...

...for Clarissa! AND, as she so wisely brings up, the title above hopefully throws Gingerology into the mix when a Google Search is performed on VKM! Thanks for the suggestion, CS! I have Googled 'Ginger Rogers' and 'Gingerology' a few times, and you are correct in that G-ology strangely enough does not appear right off...I am not trying to be the 'big dawg' here or anything, but would REALLY just like to see more folks interested in Ginger to visit the site...

...NOW, for SassyGinger! AND PinkGinger! The question from PG was, "What color was Ginger's (well, Susan Applegate's) 'after the ball' dress in Major and the Minor?" The answer (via photo) from SG is...well, see below!, hope this answers it properly! Although, there ARE a few pics of her in this dress shown 'colored' in green - which DOES look pretty awesome as well! Again, see below!

...ok - one more 'topic', while I am thinking about two of our newest Gingerologists, PinkGinger and princesskay... both of y'all have set up awesome websites which are VERY Gingery! AWESOME!!! But...(seems like I always have a big but...) - I cannot figure out how to 'comment' on posts of either site... now, it may well be that y'all don't wish to HAVE anyone comment, which is totally fine... but just wondering if I am missing a 'magic button' somewhere to allow commenting... any info would be MOST helpful and VERY much appreciated! Bottom line, I'm a comment junkie!!! :-}

OK - well, as 2010 is about to give way to 2011, and all of us here at G-ology hope all of y'all have a simply BEGUILING New Year's celebration!!! This will most likely be the final G-ology post for 2010, so... see y'all next year! Remember, it's Ginger's 100th in 2011, so it's gonna be GREAT!!!

KIG!!! - and also FUN, and SAFE this weekend, y'all!!!



  1. It worked in a way.

    Ginger Rogers Blogspot gets you to page 3 in Google results. On top of page 1 you get that way now:
    "Ginger Rogers Blogspot"

    It is easier with Jean, because Ginger is much more popular. And it's easier still with Loyce Whiteman, because she's almost unknown today (I tagged her once and got to the top in things Loyce at once). On WordPress Ginger still tops the search terms. Can't put an end to it yet, because I have no Jean films from 1934. At least I saw a few people click over to Gingerology and that's just fine.

    This here was absolutely on top...
    ... before I started my headlining policy 3 weeks ago. You see, there's nothing but embedded youtube, a headline and the comment "monty, that was too cute." GOSH was I mad! - Not mad at Monty, I just began to hate Google and asked myself: "Is this engine just ignorant or stupid?!"

    I see you didn't beat HOLLYWOOD DREAMLAND yet. I think this is still possible, for I already beat it in things Jean. Although Dexter's articles are swell and I would consider it okay if he was ahead of me (but not screwballcinema, because there's no content at all!).

    Another point: My new policy caused that I get more clicks on articles on Jean's films and there are less clicks on Ginger's films. I guess Google sees me as a Jean Arthur institution now (as I always wanted).

    The post "Jean Arthur - These Are All the Articles on Jean" really worked out. I typed it on the train on December 23 (on the way to my family): Even more Jean clicks since then. Yes people have all links to my articles on Jean's films on one page - and my most popular articles are above. And Jean's full name is in the headline again.

    One can do a lot to navigate in the right direction.
  2. Ginger Rogers Blogspot
    ...gets you to page 3 in Google results now.
    "Ginger Rogers Blogspot"
    ...on top of page 1.

    So it worked. But I think it's easier to get through with Jean, because she's less popular. And it's very easy with Loyce Whiteman, because she's almost forgotten.

    Before I began to change it, this one was on top:
    Gosh, was I mad at Google, asking me "is this just ignorance or stupidity?!"

    I see you didn't beat Hollywood Dreamland yet. You see, it is possible - I beat him in things Jean too. Although I wouldn't mind if he still was ahead of me, because his stuff is really swell. But not that certain screwballcinema page, because there is no content at all: Just youtube embedded, headline and a lazy comment: "monty, that was too cute" (even too lazy to write Monty with capital M).

    Well, Monty is a nice guy - he's really okay. It's just our own fault if our headlining is obscure.
  3. Here he is really great...
    ...but you know, the headline.

    Monty writes really fairly, I like it very much. Of course his headline is okay, just naming that movie.

    Anyway he likes screwball and that certainly makes him a pal.
  4. Never heard of this flicker...
    ...but certainly found it in the book now.
  5. Yeah, Huey I do want people to comment! I'm still trying to figure out how to get this thing to work. If you click on the thing on the bottom where it says 0 comments I think that's how you can comment. If not...well I'll try to do some work on it!
  6. From "Carole & Co.", best wishes for a wonderful 2011 -- and for Rogers (and Harlow) fans, may you experience the centenary joy we Lombardians felt in 2008. To classic Hollywood forever!
  7. "I do want people to comment! I'm still trying to figure out how to get this thing to work."

    If you won't get it to work just give me a warning on my blog. I'm a quite systematic girl and we'll get it done soon.
  8. Clarissa -- That screwball website is neat. Among other things there are some awesome pictures of Myrna Loy on it.

    Sassy -- You never cease to amaze. I'm still trying to decide if I like the gold/tan? or green colored dress better. I think maybe the gold.

    Huey -- Thanks for the fun and entertainment in 2010. I hope Clarissa's tip brings you even more viewers in 2011 to celebrate Ginger's 100th. If only Roberta would report in.

    Happy New Year to all!
  9. Happy New Year, Huey! I plan to be back more often in 2011. You've got a great blog - and such a fun group of followers!

    A note to Pink Ginger - I noticed that your comment field says something like: "Only members of this blog may comment" I think that all you need to do to fix it is go to your "Settings" - then click on the Comments tab. The second question is: "Who Can Comment?" You must have checked off "Only Members of This Blog." If you change it to the first option - "Anyone" - we can all start commenting! Hope that helps.
  10. Thanks, Sarsaparilla! I think I've finally got it to work! Now you guys can comment to your heart's desire.;)
  11. Where in the world did you find the photo of that dress? I love seeing the actual items the stars wore and wish more of Ginger's had been saved. But while I do like seeing the real thing, I do think the doctored green dress looks smashing with her dark hair. :)
  12. CS: Thanks for the 'Google test' report - again, would be nice to at least be in the 'mix' when someone does a general Ginger search... and that IS a cool blog on screwballs... really my fave genre (well, 'Ginger' is my FAV genre, of course...) I watched a few Marx Bros movies on TCM during the 'marathon' on New Year's Eve... yeah, they are kinda goofy, but that usually transforms to pretty funny if you watch it long enough, and especially after 10 PM or so...

    PG: Good deal about the comments! I will jump over there ASAP! Ya KNOW I have to throw my 2 cents in regarding ANYTHING Gingery!!! :-]

    VP: Thanks for the kind words! Should be a pretty cool year, 'classic-wise'! Looking forward to it! It's always a weird 'connection' to me for Ginger and Harlow... both born in 1911, but tragically Jean died so early, in '37 - when Ginger was really 'taking off'... and later in Ginger's life, she played Harlow's 'Mama Jean' -although NOT a good movie by any stretch, still interesting role that 'connects' the two. 'Lombardians' it! you can put me down as one of those as well.. love Carole!!! :-]

    Fioraon - Thanks for the kind words! I will ONE day add some new stuff to the site...I have been saying that for a GOOD while now - need to DO it!!! and yes, if there was one 'interview' or whatever I would like, it would be with Ms. Olden... maybe, just maybe, I can contact her... she MAY read here, who knows? I like to think she does...

    Susan: Thanks for the kind words! SO glad you are here, and your blog is great!!! You know, I 'follow' quite a few, shall we say, 'female-oriented' blogs, and ya know? I have learned some valuable stuff over the last year regarding ladies! And y'all know full well dudes need all the info they can get regarding understanding the VERY fairer gender!! :-) So thanks to you, Susan, and many other 'lady bloggers' out there - ya know who you are!!!

    Betsy: Well, SassyGinger actually found that one... I just 'posted' it here for the benefit of PinkGinger... I am here as the official 'GingerMediator'! And yes, the green is devastating to me... it's my favorite color, and it WORKS for Ginger, be it blonde or brunette era!

    Well, thanks, all - hope everyone has a VERY Gingery 2011 - Ginger's Hundreth Year!!! And I REALLY hope to get some new stuff rolling on here...SOON!

    KIG, Y'all!
  13. Happy Ginger's Centennial Year :-) i know its early but does anyone have any plans for july 16th?
  14. FandGmad: Hi! Welcome to G-ology! And yes, there are definitely plans afoot for 07/16/11!!! I am most likely going to post something tonight about it... it's just been pretty busy getting back into the 'work swing' of things after the holidays!
    Thanks for commenting - oh, have you joined as a 'follower'? it appears so - but I can't find your name on the 'followers' area...but if so, thanks for joining up- and looking forward to chatting with you!!!


  15. Did anyone see the Cary Grant photo on Zoe's blog? I felt at once this must have been the kind of Cary, Ginger liked so much. Very pleasant.

    So now I can really imagine how they were fooling around together, having lots of fun. :)
  16. I always wanted that dress to be light blue.
  17. CS: Well, Cary had his chances...dang it! That would have made a pretty awesome Hollywood couple...guess they would have made more movies together...which reminds me...I was watching part of the 'Philadelphia Story', and, although it's real hard to picture anyone other than Kate, wel...y'all KNOW I can place Ginger anywhere, anytime...and how cool would it have been for her to be starring with Cary AND Jimmy? Well, like ya say, tho, hopefully Gin and Cary had a great friendship / relationship / whatever...

    Lauren: Hiya! Great to hear from you, Beeje! hope you had a great holiday season!
    Yes, I think I always envision any dress which isn't obviously black or white as being some shade of blue...the 'grayscale' deal, most shades of gray tend to lean towards blue, especially in the older movies - I was watching one the other day, and a particular scene which was at 'night', had a MAJOR 'blue hue' to it - then the next scene was pure B/W... kinda weird.
    Hey - hope everything is going well in Westwood... keep me posted!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

First Post...

Hi, y'all!!!

...just an 'initial post' in order to field any comments you may have regarding this blog... look for future posts over time, which will also be noted on the Gingerology home site.

Until then... thanks for dropping by, and...

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